New guy

Hi guys my name is Paul and I would like to start drifting. I have been drifting for a bit. Just now I would like to build a car just for drifting and would like to join some sort of a club.

My main question is do you know of a drift serize / organized events. I dont want to build a car and not use it. Also what car would you guys recomend for someone that whats to drift. But at the same time I dont want to be building cars every year. So I was thinking of building something good rigth off the get go.

There are many local track/drift days held every year - mostly at shannonville

You can compete in CSCS Drift. It is a amature series that can help you grow in the sport. They have 3 drift events in 2009.

As for car? anything rwd. 240sx is always a popular choice but you can make a phenominal drift car out of any rwd car.

240s are nice, silvias also… but my fav would be a skyline gts.

good luck with ur build.

Thankx guys. I’m looking for a shell right now in good sha. If anyone has one pm me.