New here.....

Um, I like walks in the park, sunsets…oh sh!t…wrong forum!..

I drive a water cooled 63 beetle and have a 52 Corvette as well as a 77 Eldorado Convertable. All are very rare…

You may have seen me before. I used to hang at BTC. I was the skinny little asian kid with mad karate skillz!



Welcome Butch!

ooooooo my love you have finally arrived!!! :kiss:

was sup meng!

lol…first post and I get moderated!!!


lol wtf

butchy butch butchy :slight_smile:

How are you my good sir.

I missed you Howie. When we gonna do lunch ?

whatsup butch? glad ya made it onto here



Um, I like walks in the park, sunsets… and bitch slapping.

hello father…nice to see u finally joined…i shall see you around…

good day to you

Hey Butch~!

Hi Butch! Woooo!
…I think you’re the only reason I was sad that I was banned.
good to see you’re here.

hi butch…tell my dad to join

Wow,I didn’t know you cared! :wink: lol

howdy butch! pretty sure a skinny little asian kid couldn’t reach the pedals on an eldorado or a vette… but nice try!

so when do you and skunk get to race for my heart? :rofl:

I already got your heart. He is just borrowing it! :slight_smile: