New to forum but not to 518

As most of you on here are probably familiar with me… its me Suds… as i said most of you know me on here some may not you’ve probably seen me or my car. Just sayin hello and postin my car. thanks

whats up? saw that car last night, my girlfriend thought it was a gto lol, clean ass car though

welcome :thumb

wtf happened to the jeep?

o god dont mention the word jeep… but clean ass car ive liked them since they came out :+1


who are you code blue? Jeeps been gone for a year or so.


Jason W, with the red 600rr (we went cruising when your dad got the busa)

Hey Suds… are you a girl… I knew a suds that used to hang out at Dunkin next to 20 Mall that used to date a Mike McKinley

yes, suds is a girl

hmmm… prolly the same suds I knew then! small world!

Hi Suds!

Welcome to shift :wave