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I just bought a 93 rx7, it is near mint, only 21k on it. I need to go to a meet or if someone can tell me where a good local mechanic is so i don’t get ripped off my ass @ northtown mazda. Somebody hook me up w/ some info. thanks! - mike from the TOT

good luck, there are a couple people on this board who you should definately try and meet :slight_smile: post some pics of your whip.

is it montego blue?

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Its red with black leather, 21k, flew to Florida, drove it back, about to get ripped by mazda to service it, definately need help . . . my scanner is down but I will be sure to post pics when its back up . . . by the way, its 100% stock- unmolested.

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welcome :wave:, :tup: to another rx7 in the area

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i forgot to ask


There are several local people here with RX7’s, and we have meets at Taffy’s every Sunday.

All of the local RX7 owners will tell you to never take your car to northtown mazda or any dealership for that matter - those tech’s won’t know your car as well as they should. If you’re having peoblems or need something done, talk to members Xander or Adictd2b00st.

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If you’re not mechanically inclined, I’d suggest picking up a repair manual for your car, and meet someone with experience with your specific vehicle, and do as much by yourself as you can.

I’ve saved myself at least $1000 doing stuff myself instead of going to the dealer.

Good luck with the car.

welcome to the board :wave:

welcome. and i look forward to seeing your car out… sounds hot

Yeah, don’t take your car to the dealer, they don’t know squat about the rotary. They will probably tell you that you need a new headgasket or something stupid. At 21K that car sounds really cherry! Perfect to tear into with a fresh bunch of mods. :smiley:

Anyway, what’s the reason you want to take your car in? If it’s to check it out, forget it, let me take a look at it. Other than that, make sure you change the oil (not with synthetic) regularly. That is the most important thing, and don’t do any modifications without reading up about them first! Cooling is also important, check your engine bay for any worn belts or hoses, or hardened vacuum lines, they can be a nightmare.


damn we can have a pretty good sized rx7 cruise now :stuck_out_tongue: welcome to the board, sounds like u got a nice one, if u don’t mind me asking how much did u pick it up for?

Xander, to satisfy my curiosity, why shouldn’t he run synthetic in a rotary?

because rotary’s inject oil via the oil metering pump into the rotor housing to lubricate the apex seals

This is a month long discussion, I’m on the don’t use it side with the majority of the tuners/engine builders and Mazda.


I always ran non synthetic castrol in my rx7


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i used castrol gtx in my 7