1993 Mazda RX-7 (FD) UPDATE: 14K!

48,XXX miles.
It’s a vintage red touring model. Red exterior, with all black leather interior. 5spd.

The gauge cluster has an white LED swap done, so there’s no late 80’s haze on the dash. I have a Pioneer D3 that has a hidden switch so you can watch DVDs while you drive. The GPS is currently broken (thinks it’s in brooklyn - needs to be sent to pioneer). Has an ipod hookup cable in the glovebox. Aux input on front.

Pettit intakes with K&N filters.
rx7store downpipe and midpipe
HKS catback
PowerFC and Commander
Eibach Pro Kit springs
Racing brake slotted rotors
Radiator shield
AEM HD auxiliary injection kit w/black rubber coated 5 gallon tank, not installed
New rx7store turning lamps

The body is in GREAT shape and of course no rust or anything like that anywhere. There’s three issues in the paint:

Dent behind driver’s door
Key mark in front pass. fender (cannot be buffed)
Key mark in door (can be buffed)

I was quoted $300 to fix these and will have them fixed at no additional charge if I get a serious offer.

Car had a cracked oil pan, new one is on order. The crack is exceptionally minor and would leak about five drops a day.

I have the stock airbox, turn signals, spare tire, everything except the exhaust.

Rims are ASA AR1s (18"), tires are 225 avenger HPs and are all full tread. I know the rims aren’t anything special but they came with the car and look alright.

I’m asking $14k. I’m open to offers, but I’m not desperate to sell it, so low ballers will be trying in vain. I am open to reasonable trades, preferably something AWD/4WD and reliable + cash my way.


These cars will generally always leak a little bit of oil. I will be including a brand new factory oil pan. However, it wont be installed. The way the car is built, it will just leak again a few thousand miles after the install. There’s not a single car I’ve found over 25,000 miles that does not do this, and it causes no issues. Price has been lowered.

Bench racing:
On the PFC base tune with intakes and full exhaust, these cars are supposed to be 300rwhp. They’ll typically run a 12.9 or so with these mods, but this car hasn’t been run in the 1/4 mile. Last year stock I ran 9.2 with a great launch at Lancaster.

I still have yet to get a ride in this. Why the sale?

If you want to get close to your asking price fix those couple small issues.

For $16.9k if I were a buyer I would expect everything to be taken care of. People don’t like buying cars of that caliber from someone who drives around needing an oil pan. It will make your ad look much better when you say the car needs nothing.

Otherwise very nice car, I was interested when I saw you were selling it but the price is too much for me to justify, gunna have to stick with my plan of getting a built cobra.

nice RX7 bro, me and my best friend did an LS1 swap on his, these are sick cars GLWS

car looks hot glws

if it doesnt bother him, then who cares? he said it would fix everything for the buyer FOR FREE if he got close to what he was asking

Nice, clean looking ride. I wish i had the moneys otherwise glws!!

it doesn’t work that way…

nice looking car GLWS


Great looking car but if you are going to ask a premium price
The car should be needs nothing not I will fix this broken shit on it if you are interested.

If he had to sell it I’m sure he would take care of those problems, but that’s not the case. Bottom line is it’s still a low mileage and not too modded FD and those can still pull a good amount from the right buyer.

It isn’t a piece of shit integra, it makes you look bad in an ad when you do shit like this. The car is awesome and will pull in a good buck but people will skip right over it when they see the price and the fact that it’s owned by someone who puts off something like a cracked oil pan.

So will it only get fixed if someone is going to buy it? How long does someone drive on a cracked oil pan, especially on a car of this caliber?

He said it.

GLWS, if you fix that oil pan you’ll probably get pretty close to your asking price with the low miles

fwiw if anyone wants some sort of verification, back when I first had mine with intake/catback and a base tune I ran a 12.9@110 at my only trip to the 1/4 mile

nice car, but like other said, you should either fix the car and try getting that price, or have a price for the car in the condition its currently in

btw didnt realize these cars were that expensive…

one of the few cars thats actually gone UP in value over the past ~5 yrs or so

Thanks Jay, that’s an awesome trap. This car pulled pretty hard, I miss driving it already.

Agreed, part of me wants to keep the car forever and ever so I suppose I’m not listing this to it’s full potential.

Beautiful car, good luck with the sale.

Very clean car, low mileage and tastefully modded. GLWS

Glws nice lookin fd

Trade for a modded (suspension, engine, and body) 2000 celica gts + cash?

You should.
I don’t see the value on them bottoming out or anything.