New Toyota Supra (J29)

The only good thing Doug ever did was let Hoovie ride his coattails long enough to get popular. Hoovie is hilarious.

This was Toyota’s opportunity to sign off from the petrol generation with a statement of what it stands for. Instead it has given us a very competent, restyled BMW. It could also have just not called it a Supra, which would have appeased most of us geeks and saved me writing this 1,500 word rant. Me? I’d have an Alpine over this eight days of the week.

My first question would be what the productions number would be. If this is one of the first 10…I don’t know. I’d assume someone is going to buy that and put it in storage. I never would though even if I had the money. That’s a dumb price.

Considering the price point of these, I’d be all in on a C8 instead.

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I have zero excitement for this car.

A few big shops have started testing them. Induction performance, AMS, real st etc. They put et streets on one and cracked a 12.5 @108.

That dealer must have been getting blasted. You now have to call for price.

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That doesnt look good at all.

That racing channel posted on gram a new Supra walking a e90 m3 from a roll.

We’ve got two at the dealership currently. It’s pretty nice. Looks a lot better in person.

Well, better than the stock wheels at least IMO.

I agree with that the wheels look better than stock, but i’m not a fan of the stretched tire or the ultra low profile. They could have gone with a meatier tire and filled up the wheel well better. But to each their own.

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That’s pretty impressive considering how little was needed. Sounds like these motors respond pretty nice to tunes.

There is a few b58 340xi’s making 500 awhp with the stock turbo.

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My only assumption would be that being a “Toyota” they tend to under power what their motors are capable of doing and I’d figure for reliability reasons. I’m figuring it’s a, You want to turn up the power, that’s on you but know that the reliability where it’s set now is supposed to be the best possible for longevity/reliability.

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