In new, how does this forum thingie work?

hi, i believe you type messages in this little box and hit post quick reply

then others on the intraweb can see your message and reply accordingly

kind of a novel idea if i dont say so myself

but welcome aboard!


Way to find the forum, im a big fan of the GN’s. By the way you wouldnet happen to live in elma do you?

LOL @ BuickGN


laugh all you want but lifting the front wheels off the ground on an almost stock v6 is sexy.


nope, thats doug.

Thansk for the welcomes.

welcome to the board

What’s up Kevin - yes, this is a FO-RUM


Just in case you don’t get it, Kevin is pretty computer savvy (an understatement).

i knew a guy named Decker with one, dont know his first name.

mike decker

excuse me, this is a redneck free forum!

hes friends with my buddy mike daly.

and my friend Mike Hunt.

he smells funny


i cant help it


what up kev…:wave: