today i had to...

explain to someone my age, who uses the internet everysingle day, almost all day, what an online forum is.

xfaqtwox: i love message boards
xfaqtwox: seriously
Euphoria7I: message boards?
xfaqtwox: i am the biggest online asshole in the entire workd
xfaqtwox: yeh
xfaqtwox: you mean
xfaqtwox: you sit online all day and dont post on any boards?
Euphoria7I: um…no???
xfaqtwox: OMG
Euphoria7I: like post what>?
xfaqtwox: um
xfaqtwox: sign up to this one.
xfaqtwox: its a car forum
Euphoria7I: whats the point tho?
xfaqtwox: people post topics, then you can reply
xfaqtwox: ind of like a chatroom,
xfaqtwox: but you type a paragraph
xfaqtwox: or two
xfaqtwox: and dont reply instantly
xfaqtwox: you have never heard of a forum before.
xfaqtwox: ???!!!
Euphoria7I: hmm…i just dont really get it
xfaqtwox: did you sign up et?
xfaqtwox: just do it
Euphoria7I: haha no…im actually playing guitar for the first time in like 2 years right now
xfaqtwox: fucking knock that shit off so you can look at this:
Euphoria7I: it says i have no permission
xfaqtwox: because you have to sign up!
xfaqtwox: just do it
Euphoria7I: i dont want to!!! give me a good reason to and then i will
xfaqtwox: because its funny and you get to be a huge sarcastic asshole to people you don’t know ALL DAY LONG.

so when a new girl with a celica signs up, be gentle… she is a virgin.

oh boy


bahaha/…You silly…

:bsflag: even my mother is on some forums, albeit they are cooking ones >:


xfaqtwox: because its funny and you get to be a huge sarcastic asshole to people you don’t know ALL DAY LONG.

^ that’s the best reason I’ve ever seen.

Yeah thats about it right there.

We’ve got another Sherm brewing…

For some reason this thread made me want to say:

Rubicants a bitch


xfaqtwox: i made a post about you
xfaqtwox: lol.
Euphoria7I: no you didnt…did you…???
xfaqtwox: yup
Euphoria7I: what did you write about me???
xfaqtwox: lol
Euphoria7I: tell me!!
Euphoria7I: its not even about me
Euphoria7I: you suck, it is
Euphoria7I: your a douche bag
Euphoria7I: who is this “jrex”
Euphoria7I: damn it pay attention to me
xfaqtwox: lol
xfaqtwox: sorry
xfaqtwox: jrex. his name is justin
xfaqtwox: i dont know his last name
Euphoria7I: how did he know my name was haynos???
Euphoria7I: “HAHAHAHAHAHA haynos”
xfaqtwox: he must know you
xfaqtwox: im trying to get a last name
Euphoria7I: well who the hell is he?? that freaks me out
xfaqtwox: lol.
Euphoria7I: hmm…its bugging me
xfaqtwox: he worked with my buddy trying to find out now
xfaqtwox: his sn is Il jrex Il
xfaqtwox: make a post in the thread, quoting him
xfaqtwox: say
xfaqtwox: who the hell are you.
Euphoria7I: hahaha i dont want to!
xfaqtwox: DONT BE A PUSSY
xfaqtwox: nyspeed is so fun
Euphoria7I: if you like talking about cars…which i dont…
xfaqtwox: haha, i never talk about cars… EVER

HAH. I went to highschool with her. She’d know me better as redenbach…

i know you as “muh bitch”