Newman's 1986 BMW 326rb build thread.


His camera, his editing.


Kinda OT but guys like that Vortex poster are the type of people forums need. That’s pretty dope :tup:


<3 thanks.


just curious, was pretty sure he was the one in the s2k lol


I’m actually digging this forum. A ton of great work here. Not to harp on the Vortex too much but that forum used to be really great. There were a handful of guys that were just as crazy as Newman here and the conversation between members was constructive and very helpful. Like anything else, it goes mainstream and gets washed out. I still encourage you guys to give it a chance. There is still some good stuff on there to check out. Don’t let some kids ruin it for you.


This may be true, but 98% of the cars on this board are not vw in any aspect, so they have no need to utilize such a site.


i still post all the time on vortex…

but usually only in off topic, the car lounge, & community and lifestyle sections


Thanks man! We have a great group of members here :tup:


I understand but good work is good work. Just like I’m on here checking out everyone’s cars, I use it as inspiration for some of my own ideas. Check out the Vortex when you get a chance, I would suggest the Golf III & Jetta III forum section. Its generally the most innovative and craziest work.

For example, here is a thread of a car that I started working on but later sold to my brother-inlaw to finish off. The amount/quality of metal work is incredible. I’m sure there is something in this thread that you’ll find interesting.



Welcome aboard.


Joined just to say “wow.”

Coming from an engineer, a VWVortexer, and Vokswagen addict, wow. Hats off to building exactly what you want, the right way, sparing no expense. Everyone dreams of that kind of project, and you actually did it. Amazing.


Thank you.

Is this posted on vortex somewhere?



Somewhat off-topic but I just tried putting up a thread of my old build and its not coming up. I tried re-posting it and it told me that it was a repeat post. Is there some type of delay for noob posters?


Yeah it’s out antispam software that hates n00bs :slight_smile:

I’ll take a look and get it working.


Quick question, hows your rear subframe bushings and TABs holding up?


^^^super dusty


he’s got all new parts, should be fantastic.


Beat me to it.


this thing awd yet?