Newman's 1986 BMW 326rb build thread.


I’ll just keep updating this with pics.

At the moment i still don’t have the car, but i am going to need it very soon. (hint hint, MPD47)

Some of you probably saw these pictures of the engine and transmission. Don and I pulled it out of andy neal’s skyline GTR. It has a few mods like splitfire coilpacks and a 3 puck clutch. It may have cams. We are not sure (note classic shocker pose):

Now, the first step was to remove the oil pan. I could buy the RB25 pan, but i don’t want to for the following reasons:

  • it’s 280 bucks
  • the rb26 pan is cast aluminum, it’s stronger and has better heat transfer.
  • rb26 pan has sick baffling, as well as kickouts
  • rb26 pan bolts to transmission. Rb25 does not
  • rb25 pan needs to be modified to work with the rb26 oil pickup. A substantial amount of the rb25 windage tray needs to be removed to facilitate fitment.

This is what a stock unit looks like:

Step one was to remove the differential and all the bearing races. A good portion of the remaining casting was removed with a sawzall.

Then we took it to the mill. The remaining material was hogged out with a 2" 8 carbice face tool. This is a fringe benefit of my job…

The result:

Then i used a sander and dynafile to smooth the sharp edges and blend some of the steps from machining:

The result:

The final step will be to plug weld the two holes where the transaxle pierced the pan. LowlyOilBurner doesn’t know yet, but he is probbaly going to do it for me. <3


Car will be there Friday :slight_smile:


ugh. That’s a whole week where i can’t work on it. I might pick it up before that.

Besides, i’ll believe it when i see it. I think i’ve heard that twice now…


< Been sick, 102 degree fever and heading out of town till Friday to get my new truck. Sorry :frowning:

It’s on the trailer all tied down if you know someone with a truck who wants to pick it up.


so can i come and get it out of your driveway? like tomorrow night?


Yeah, but anything smaller than a Jeep Grand Cherokee wont be safe to tow it with. 2500lb car + 2000lb trailer.


i can’t tow it with the STi? Damn.

Nah, it would be with my dad’s f150. Hauled the elise + trailer no problem.

Carbon Fiber fabrication

No too shabby. :tup:


9 months til its all on ebay in pieces still :tup: :smiley:


no, he’ll assemble get a dyno run then disassemble and sell it lol. gl on the project. Looks like fun.

Let's give another warm welcome to Ahmed..again

i fuggin like it


bmw 325. i dont know where you keep getting that 6 from…


because i’m putting a 2.6 liter in it instead of the stock 2.5 liter.

3 = 3 series.
25 = 2.5 liter (actually it was a 2.7 liter, but we’ll ignore that)
e = efficiency

3 = 3 series.
25 = 2.6 liter
rb = rb series engine.


HELP! - clutch/shifter issue
Help! Need to quiet my exhaust in 7 days

man, I was hoping you would be keeping the AWD. Looks like it’ll be an awesome project.


gay, just pure gay. So gay my ass hurts thinking about it. boosted s54 should be in there.:slight_smile:

newb here

I think it would be more better in an Acura 2.5TL!

Can any members on here custom make an exhaust?
newb here

i actually figured this out just after i posted.


i love how you just casually have an rb26 when most people i know would kill for one. what went back into the skyline?

Can any members on here custom make an exhaust?
newb here

a 302.


my old built rb26 from my 240.


damn how do you just pick up sick motors like that. lol id kill for one to drop into a 240