Newman's 1986 BMW 326rb build thread.





newman, what did you do?


Lol, that does look like it could be my car.


Yeah except the undercarriage doesn’t look like a rainbow.


all the colors wore off because he drove it all winter.


Solidworks drawing, not rainbow… Not enough indigo…


“Watch a bike jump a GT-R-powered BMW doing a burnout”

«OFFICIAL» NYSpeed Spring BBQ! Burnouts! May 22nd *Pics Start Post #265*



Is that “ItsOver’s” S2K? Backstory plz


Yeah it was doing a clutch heater lol


Famous again NBD, lol


The bike jumping burnout is from the NYSpeed BBQ. More pictures here:�OFFICIAL�-NYSpeed-Spring-BBQ!-Burnouts!-May-22nd-Pics-Start-Post-265&p=3227868&viewfull=1#post3227868




Whats funny is just as those photos where snapped, I knew the clutch was slipping, face tells the story haha


clutch-burn woes


wtb s2k rolling chassis


I just spent the last two days reading through this thread and I had to sign up to this site just to tell you, I think you did an incredible job with the car. I’m coming from the VWVortex, where I have been a member since 99 and let me tell you the place isn’t what it used to be. Old timers like me are unfortunately few and far between. Fundamentally the “hate” you were receiving stems from the Dubbing communities focus of aesthetic details. Your car is an amazing feat in terms of custom fabrication and mechanics but their gripe I think has to do with the exterior “look/style” and the lack of details in the cosmetics. Like most of the guys in this thread I’m not focused on such things, instead I’m in awe with the amount of real quality work you put into this car.

From this dubber, I wish you nothing but the best of luck with the car and enjoy the hell out of it, amazing job.


whoa, random vortex love…


why does it have you for the photo credit ian? weren’t you driving?