Newman's 1986 BMW 326rb build thread.


Sweet, is the article posted online somewhere so we can read it?


I think so. Check out their website. I think it’s


click the ‘inside’ button on the cover, go in a 8 pages or so


no thanks given


Thanks for sharing the link to the aritcle, I think it was missing all the technical details but it seems like S3 is not a very technical magazine.

Guess he didnt like your Baby puke paint


I think that Baby Puke Paint was a direct quote from my blog.




bump for updates.


Bump for asking price!


I’ll do 10K cash right now.


is this AWD?


It’s FWD, don’t you know anything?


i want a copy of that S3 mag if you gots one.


What ever happened with this? I remember a thread a while ago, that no longer seems to exist.

Still have the car? Still drive it?


Dude, it’s winter, lol. The car is stored in the garage at the moment while Newman is in CA jumping out of planes.


i love that this is a true statement


I heard rumor that newman might be interested in car stuff again this summer? :snky:


Fabbing some parachute mounts to the top of the BMW?


I can see him paying to drive it out of a C130.


Gotta lay a heater inside the plane first, though. Then ride it out over the edge of the ramp.


I just found the secret pics of the 2011 updates… forecast calls for more skyline with some mustang influence. lol.