Newman's 1986 BMW 326rb build thread.


the reason you’re a loser? you’re obsessed with someone else’s car


Lol why don’t you like this guy? You’ve been all over his ass the second he first posted.


lol I just thought it would be an awesome joke


Quit jerkin’ off the new kid.


Drive it to work next monday and bring a camera, we can do donuts together : )


Monday I’ll have my rabbit back. FINALLY.


We need vids of this car!!!


Wait is that chick just getting your car back to you now? I hope its painted pink.


Lol, it’s a long story.


I didn’t really think I was being a dick in the other thread, just told him his snow drifitng sucked. Is that so bad?


Pretty cool to see these in print.

S3 magazine. The only place I know that sells it around here is Border’s though.


congrats man!


The original plan was to swap it, paint it, and pick up cougars
Good stuff. Congrats on the spread


I wish it was on the cover, but Oh well…


That’s awesome. :tup:


so dope!


nice :tup:




Pretty cool :tup:


lol at “pick up cougars”