Nintendo,N64,Xbox, Gameboy,sega, IPOD CHEAP!!!!!!!!

Xbox price $75 in great condition can include games for extra

Gameboy and games Price $20

zelda was by far the best game ever on n64…free bumb!

bump it up

make offers

reserve on ipod?

How much for the ipod?

Give a asking price at least.

reserve is $140 but make a offer

Does it play videos? If so I’ll offer 100$ cash

No and no thanks

Is that a 30 gig? Cant really see in the picture.

yes it is and color screen

might be interested in the xbox still have it?

yes I do

Let me know if you change your mind, judging from ebay price 100$ for yours is decent.

And since most video ones go for 140-160$ on ebay.


kinda what I was thinking also…

People whine and complain about the price. I am negotiable but people are kicking tires then flake.

bump it up


Make offers on XBOX and Gameboy