Hey everyone, im brent. i heard about this site from someone on and felt like making the move overhere. Currently I drive a 99 Cavalier. Hopefully next year i will be swapping out the engine and doing a supercharger or turbo setup!

welcome :wave:

welcome :wave:

welcome, boost is fun :slight_smile:

hi hi

welcome :slight_smile:

what motor do you have and what do you plan on swaping in?

i currently have the 2200 and plan on putting the 2.2l ecotec in it

welcome fellow cavalier owner :slight_smile: i’ve wanted to do the same swap for a while. id love to see you go though with it and see how she runs! in the meantime i guess we’ll just have to put up with our pushrod power =P


I dub thou Mini-Choko.


Who referred you from I’m on there as well as few other members here.

it wasnt really refering haha i saw it on his myspace with one of the videos. plus i am thinking of not doing much more to the cavalier and getting either a wrx non sti or a cobaltss/sc. i really dont know what i want to do anymore haha. i have also been thinking of getting a 95-98 eclipse for a project car.

twat’s up

Doooo it get a WRX wagon, join our legion of wagon owners all 3 of us!

WRX> Dsm>cobalt

its definatly not going to be a wagon haha. i dont need that much room

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Welcome Aboard :wave:

Welcome to the forum