notepad question ASAP

Im loading some software on a friends comp, and to use it, it needs notead. She doesnt have notepad, for whatever reason, just wordpad :bloated:. How can I get notepad on, and the software to integrate with it so i can run it

notepad is a system file, its on the windows cd, you should be able to copy it to the c:/windows folder off the cd.

start > run > cmd > type “notepad”

that works only if notepad is on the system tho.

I’m sure its there, just Hot Carl can’t find it.

He is a nnnobb

Hot Carl? I call him “Carlos”. <-- he likes that… lol :mamoru:

but yeah if you can’t find it lmk and i’ll aim it to you or something…

download textpad

asspad, i mean GayGTP… you need notepad for the software. other word processors will not work