nube signing in

well, ive made it here. hope to see you all at the track and maybe ill make it to the 1/4 once this year to lay down some good times.

Wow a CIVIC!! :stuck_out_tongue:

GTFO banned

so uh… what turbo are you running?


what is that lol for?

are you insinuating that turbociv does not have a turbo civic?

thats false advertisement…

these acts of aggression will not stand

  • The Dude

im running the new gt5000 ball bearings twin trim with a 150 exhaust wheel. This shit is cutom, not even on the market yet. lol

hot damn!!!1111oneoneone


welcome :slight_smile:

whatup turbociv

hey YOu…

:headbang: so is it ready?


does your lisence plate match your name?

god no, if it did id have to kill myself.

its been ready, i just dont feel like going to the track and breaking something else.

what up