NYSpeed is a bunch of stuck up rich boys


Rofl, 91MR2 pointed this out to me, who is it? :gay:

that kid was going to buy my 240.

It was me…Nissans and Datsuns are gay…NEONS RULE!

fucking lol

im so registering as we speak - since he is all piussy about neons i can only assume it was that faggot that got all bent out of shape and then dawn fake cybered him

the Syracuse street racer guy. lol

Lol, since when did we give any respect to Neons?

Awww shit, maybe chino is right. But dude’s location is Silvercreek…

rich boys lol


confirmation email is taking for fucking ever

Apparently he’s never looked at replies in the classifieds.

Ah, quick search on here confirms he’s a retard.


Clear tails! Nice grill :lol:

i dont even remember a nissan guy signing up here and causing/getting beef :gotme:

ive seen his sig before, he was a douche



Stuck up rich boys for the win!

haha im in. Im QuierotacoBell

Nice, Jimmy… :rofl:

lol i should have posted the pictures of dawns audi and said that was my car