NYSpeed Nerds : Quantum Computing? Tell me about it

I have become so fascinated by this topic, and am wondering if this is the next big investment move for me. Seems to be another 5-10 years before shit gets big and useful, to the point of the personal quantum home computer, but maybe nows the time to invest before everyone finds out how capable they really are.




I have a bunch of comments/thoughts on this but as it relates to a get rich quick scheme not so much.

You think personal computing is going to come back?

lol that meme

Share your comments and thoughts! It’s pretty interesting for those that haven’t heard about it.

Looks like the big players are IBM and google.

No matter how many videos I watch I’m still super fucking confused but intrigued at the same time. It just seems like something worth looking into in terms of making money.

A lot of these videos state it’s either going to be a civilization game changer or a fill a small specialized niche, but only time will tell.

The whole “predicting futures” aspect is pretty fucking wild.

It’s still some ways out and its a bigger issue because it screws up most kinds of encryption.

Going back on the other thread China keeps hijacking mass amounts of internet traffic for short periods and the thought is they could go back when quantum computing and crack encryption.

Always been a fan of how well the Minute Physics guy dumbs down really complicated topics.

Nice vid! Will check it out on lunch.

This is still a ways off and like mentioned the implications screw up a lot of other stuff.

If you’re looking for shorter term things with growth check out zero trust computing.