Anyone else get a chance to check out his car when he was at the cruise? I know all the detailz… PM for :snky:

Not sure what he is willing to reveal… but its a pretty sweet project.

Its quick too…

have no idea what car NYSTANGER drives. but i did see an RX-7, Supra, 300ZXTT, and 3000GT VR4 all lined up at the cruise. i thought that was pretty damn hot. just missin an NSX. hopefully the pics get posted soon. :slight_smile:

Aww I missed that. I spent the night washing and waxing. For what I don’t know.

An NSX is a Honda. Not really a Japanese super car ya know?

:puts on rain coat and pulls out unbrella for all the tears of the people who suck off the NSX for being hand built, and slow. And uglier than the new Z06:

yeah your right…should have been a civic hatch. :stuck_out_tongue:




I think the new Z06 is very nice, but the NSX has a different hottness to it. I’d rather have a Z06 personally.

pooooost whore. LoL

I’d say that Skyline deserves a spot by us (till they rice it all out)


this is true… but that guy isn’t allowed to stand by his car. We can do the talking for him.