Odd problem getting shocked

I’m media blasting a '73 Bronco and I keep getting shocked every time I touch the thing. It’s getting pretty annoying. It is a pretty strong shock otherwise I would just ignore it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to solve this problem? Could I ground it somehow?

attach something to the frame and the ground?

i get shocked when i touch anything.

do I have a bad ground

dawns fat acts as its own ground to herself, creating constant shocking

i thought it was the rolls creating static…

damn, how could i have forgot :frowning:

what media are you using to blast?

And yeah, ground it

Best bet, grind part of frame down to clean metal, take a jumper cable, attach to grounded object, or if not available, pound a steak or small pipe into ground and clamp the other end of the jumper cable onto it…

Grounding strap would probably would good in this situation.

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its gonna happen no matter what you do, i work at a dealership and everytime i get is or move a car i get shocked. you will notice it more on real dry days. dont waste your time with a ground strap, wont work.

try a metal thumb tack in your shoe. if it is getting bad.

stupid electrons will get you every time

the media generates a lot of static. I used to get popped all the time, right through gloves, shoes, ect. Hurt like a mother sometimes.

Try getting a wrist strap ground (from computer store) and hook that up to the piece you are blasting.

I’m blasting with Carbojet15.
I ended up wedging a bolt on either side of one of the wheels and attaching a pair of jumper cables and it seems to have worked.