*OFFICIAL* New Shift Decals? Bi-WINNING!


add it. need to rep the site yoooooo




Add it vertically


This or sneak it in under the “T518”


ya’ll gotta rep dat dot com binness, na mean?

+1 to .com


.com for sure


In process of adding the .com naow.




:lol Well said.


ya for real, i see MAD cars rollin around with shift518 and slideny stickers… nothin gay about it IMO


More SlideNY then shift stickers but that’s because there has not been an epic shift sticker like this one!


Vertical/below or smaller all would work.

I got no excuse for there not being enough shift stickers. :facepalm


Everyone: My paypal is cosseyowns@gmail.com .

If you send PayPal w/o PM’ing me first, please make sure your address is in there along w/ what exactly you want. If you’re NOT sending as a gift, please add $.50 for PayPal fees.

If you’re local and want to meet up (usually at the lot, “off-hours” and not when there’s a ton of retards there), send me a PM and we’ll set something up.


still awaiting the pic!


The new and improved Shift518.com decal:


Real Fresh


Ill take one in STI pink…or black…either works for me


Just got these tonight and they look awesome. Also got to enjoy a few beverages and some wings with Mr. Cossey


:rofl @ being upside down

Wouldn’t it make more sense to put the “dot” on the bottom where it seems natural with “com” running up?

You’re crazy :lol


Is that a sex toy or a shifter? Lol j/p