*OFFICIAL* New Shift Decals? Bi-WINNING!


Thanks for the invite Sean, im bored as phuck, and Cossey, ill PM you my number, im free all day tomorrow


Can I get a “shift518” sticker without the dildo i? I want one for my kayak.


:facepalm omg cossey lol


def way more slideny stickers in existance



Just kidding, I’ll be ordering some


did you get my PM chris?


Original image.


Definitely a sex toy!


Certainly has a nicely polished knob!


you have pm Cossey


About to be a lot more too :lol


Anyone who wants Shift stickers: PM me as it’s much easier to keep track of. I’ve been a bit busy the last couple of days, but just got around to everyone’s PMs and such.


i dont PM…



This new design will be the new official, legit Shift decal. Be the envy of all ricers and hard parkers in the 518!


Pm me I want one of these in gold .


We need a NEG REP sticker Coss!

Easiest sticker in the world to make :lol


I want a white shift logo please! Details on how to get?


PM me and we can make it happen.


Buy lots of these because Cossey has a motor to pay for :lurk



Would love too. LOL