in a black lace halter top???

That’s not a halter

that’s scary.

or how bout this one??? look at that mullet!!!111

Seriously, where are you people finding pictures of me?

wtf are you talking about…

omg… newman…

Even you aren’t that caucasian looking honey :lol:

The same thing you’re talking about.

Have a nice day.

obviously it was a joke, funny ha ha get it?



oh wow, :lol:

about as gay as this…

Newman, you sexy, sexy man :kiss:

im so hard right now

This should be in the Bewbies forum… cause what I’m doing under my desk right now is not work safe

the reason that joe posted this is because i may or may not have posted a picture of a giant dildo right by his sleeping mouth on his myspace page. hott.

the reason this picture exists is so retardedly hetero that i still havent quite comprehended it.


lookin good newman…BWAHHAHAHA

if you need to go girl clothes shopping next time…we can go raid target again :rofl:

that would be a teddy

i can’t believe this is crossposted so i have to see it twice til it goes away