One too many

What an asshole… Of course if you can afford a Ferarri then you can afford to get a new one I would think…

look the other way around matt. look at the front of the truck. it looks like he went through the garage door, and a few other things.

"If that had been my garage, the guy would have died in the crash…one way or another!"

I agree with that guy^

Edit, he must have jumped through the garage, cause the side of the car is not hit and looks like the driveway is slope.

thats a full on dukes of hazard landing … considering he didnt realy rip up the garage ceiling, and ther ferrari roof doesnt look to far out of wack, thats a one in a billion shot

i was sitting here going "how did he manage to launch that big of a truck OVER the ferraris undamaged 1/4 panel ?

answer : used a PT cruiser as a launching ramp, lol

ferrari prolly isnt totaled tho, lol … few gallons of bondo and some fake ebay carbon fiber material and it will be pimp again

and yes … he did launch the truck thru a closed garage door … thats the aluminium door pinned between the vehicals , and the spring shaft can bee seen on the ground in another pic

:lol: I was just going to post this.

that shit is redic

that ferrari got raped

Of all the driveways on that street they guy had to plow through the one with the ferrari? But i guess if its a neighborhood with one ferrari im sure theres something similiar or better in the next one.

This kid could have done similar if he were going a tad faster

That should buff right out.

X… :stuck_out_tongue:

I realize the truck fucked shit up, my point is, if you can afford a Ferrari, then you can probably afford to get a new one if some drunk fuck-o rolls his truck over it…

WOW that would suck. Scenario sounds familiar though:shrug:

damn that blows

i wounder if it hurt the scooter?

that garage looks pretty booty…before the wreck

I would never imagine that i would have a better looking garage than someone with a a ferrari :gotme:

Im going to say that it’s usually quite the opposite