panda dog????

I just found this online, the dog def looks like a panda

Looks more like a seal with fur in that pic…

What the hell happened in your sig?

Flaming shots of 151… ur supposed to put it out by cupping it stick the straw in and then suck out pure alchohol, he decided to try and drink it lol

panda dog?? i think i want one.

it looks like a chinese shar pei with all the right colors to be called a panda dog. my mom used to breed them.

So anyone know where I Could get one of these???

yea that dog is awesome, i want a panda to sit around and be sweet at my house

okay maybe not

that dog looks cool as hell

shit… no pic for me.

but I think a panda dog… is called a dalmation

no dude def. not a dalmation. but i cant help but smile looking at that dog.

me neither! wow i REALLY want one!!!

that dog is fucking adorable

that would be a sick dog to own … I WANT ONE!

ok after a little research its a chow chow, but i have yet to see one with that same fur, which i think is the best part of that dog. I keep wanting to baby talk my computer monitor.

this is another chow chow puppy they have the same shape
that one looks like a fat ewok

ahhh… now the pics work

Did you ever hear about the kid who raped the dog and made its butt all puffy?

$20 finders fee to anyone that can put me in contact with a breeder or one of the ones with the panda coloring. PRoviding it’s not a scam from someone that took a white one and decided to dye it.