perfect woman

only if laura was this perfect, then i wouldnt have to hear about how horrible Ben is lol

ahahahha thats good


i will bitch to you for the rest of my life




thats sooooo right


Pretty good, but no breasts…no mouth? Ok, the mouth has a downside, but I think boobies are all good.

no mouth?? how the hell you supposed to get blowjobs on the period week?


3weeks of horrible yacking and 1 week of b/j’s?

ill take the no b/j’s for a week and have all ass… but i want titties though…

:stupid: no titties no care

put it in the ass


/u and oompa loompa


boobies would be :cool: though

when the front door is painted red use the back door…

red wings :kekegay: