Photos from Supra (POOPRA) Dyno Tuning

Here ya go, I know there were others taking photos and vids… post em up!

Those cars are beautiful. Kudos on the pictures.

No pics of my beautiful soot covered car?


Nice pics man…


Love the first pic

542rwhp on pump

Nice work Tom!


bling blang

only 542? jeez, how slow :stuck_out_tongue:

nice numbers, sweet car :tup:

Awesome. :tup:

And great pic’s tom :tup:

Hot cars + great Performance = my kinda rides

:tup: spencer and Xander

thats on low boost…

pics turned out OK, Its my gramps old manual SLR… so I am just learning, but thanks!

you scan that shit in, or did they do that when they developed them?


when they developed them.

nice pix tom

:word: X eleventybillion

wow thats a lot.

Somebody’s car has been sayin’ prayers and taking vitamins…

Fo shizzle