Photoshop Help

how do you get the Text to do cool shit and how do you make the text like say for exapmle the halo text how to you make words to look like that? i have been messing with the text things for like an hour and i can’t do anything but regular text… i dunno how to do special effects n stuff… and how to blend and all that other stuff. so can someone who reads this actually help me and not just read it then read a different thread…

ok so i sorta figured it out still need help …

go to layer style -> blending options for a start, theres a lot of stuff in there

lol sweet at least your willing to help me… unlike the other 15 people who views this thread

i forget the name of the forums, but there is a ton of forums for photoshop.

also just do everything in layers.

thanks ian your the best… , ,

…just to name a few…google damnit.