can someone make the lip on my rims red i want to see how it would turn out. thanks in advance!

i alreadyy did the pic - working on uploading it but TW is being retarded and most sites arent working for me

thanks man…my skills arent so great anymore and the finish on the aluminum lip is fucked from the salt so im going to either polish it again or get em painted…i hope it doesnt turn out too terrible in the ps cuz i really want to do it.


link no worky

sure it does

i am getting an “invalid attachment” error

works for me

works for me, shuld look pretty good red…kinda looks pink in the ps but thats do to the opacity…

works now…ehhhh i like how it turned out but i would go with a darker red but i know its only ps.

thats exactly why haha…took me like 3 seconds just filled it red and turned down opacity

Isnt THIS what your looking for? :wink:

I think its prety hawt, id do it after your slammed like the pic tho :wink:

Ugh… time warner is being gay… still not uploaded :frowning: