pignose front lip

hey guys,

does anyone know where i can get a pignose front lip from locally? i looked at bings site but he doesnt seem to have any for pignose.

the majority of people get them from junkyards that allow you to walk through for $10-$25, and then sell them here for $60-$100

ok well if thats the case, not many junkyards in my area that have 240’s let alone some with lips. so if anyone has one they wanna sell PM me.

i have a white one for sale fresh painted no damage for 100 bucks

let me know


can you please send me a pic? btw colour isnt really an issue cause the whole car is gonna go for paint this winter anyways, so the lip wuld be painted then


no i cant send you a pic of it.

its a mint 89 lip…

its no differnt from the rest.


also use your want to buy thread for this.