Pittsburgh Fast and Furious?


Hello all,

Does Pittsburgh have a street racing scene like in Fast and the Furious? Is it all fiction, or is there a kernel of truth. I know it sounds dumb, and real life is probably nothing like the movies. But people racing cars at night, betting money, and beautiful girls sounds like a hell of a good time. I am willing to be called a noob for asking if this kind of scene even exists and if so how would I find out about it.

My clutch just went out in my Mazda 6 and I changed it myself. It was the biggest automotive job I have ever done and It was AMAZING! A buddy of mine and I spent two weekends working on it, drinking beer and talking about cars. I think I am starting to become a gear head. I actually have a decent job and could afford to mod my car. If I do where could I race it.




Pittsburgh Raceway Park in about 2-3 months


ill race you


Flashlight drags


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