Playerunknown Battleground


A more Team Fortressy version of this game is Fortnite Battle Royale. Its a blatant ripoff of PUBG but its free. So thats a bonus.


I play that when I just wanna run and gun. Pubg is still my go to.


Fortnite is for kiddos.


puts on adult hat All games are for kids takes off adult hat

lol Still a fun time waster at a price point you cant argue with.


If anyone uses discord, im pitbull14218#8768 on there.


Anyone still playing?


I play about an hour a day


Still cant fully get into PUBG lol Ive tried. Dont get me wrong it a good game. I’m still mashing Fortnite, Radical Heights, Darwin Project, Rainbow 6 Siege. I just made affiliate on Twitch, so i’m up to play anything for views lol


I absolutely refuse to play Fortnite, I hate twitchers and little kids.


been playing fortnite here, usually running with a couple friends. I own pubg, but I haven’t played that much really.



Who’s playing PUBG mobile?



im Facedick1234 :slight_smile:

you may not refer to me by my # in the game… you must address me as facedick


Once in a while I’ll play on Pc. But mostly on cousole now.


Still Motocrossx23 (or Motocrossx232003) on steam


Do you guys play on mobile though?

I find the touch screen controls brutal…


What are you, 11? lol.


I play fortnite, i have played pubg a little and own it, but something about fortnite I just like more

I play that mostly on pc, sometimes on switch, sometimes on mobile, rarely on ps4