Battlefield 2

Who plays?

Whos good?

I don’t have a “clan” just a bunch of guys that like to screw around, and kill a lot of people. Between the 4-5 of us that play, we always have the best squad, and at least 2 of us get “Best (insert kit here)” and I’m usually the best pilot on the map.

PM for Ventrilo IP.

my friend is playin it…

he’s flying the chopper all the time…lol getting those flags…

haha… i get my whole squad in a heuey and float over a flag for like 1 second, and we all get points for it. then when they kill people from the chopper i get driver assist points. its nice when your in seats 5 or 6 in that thing cause if your a special op you can drop C4 onto a tank (which will take forever to shoot up) and blow his ass up from the sky. Same applies for any other vehicles that chain gun can’t blow up in 3 seconds. Sometimes I fly solo and just change seats to kill shit… then grab the controls again to fly away. I can’t wait for battle field TV to start working.

BTW - Have you guys accessed screenshots in the retail version yet? They worked in the demo, but I haven’t been able to get any in the real thing yet.

This game looks so freakin amazing…

I was amazing at CS, i wondering how bad it would be if I started playing this…

^^exactly like that…lol

once, i think he got like 200 points for just flying the chopper…all from killing assists…

apparently, everybody trusted him…so the whole squad was in his chopper…including 2 engineers who quickly fixed the damages on his chopper…lol

hrmmm, this game looks amazing.

what are the minimum speck for processor/videocard/ram. im lazy

I play. I’m decent. Haven’t played all that much, but I hover around the top 5 overall, and regularly get the best anti-tank or spec ops. I do love tank hunting… I don’t play with a clan or anything, just some friends. And the game is freaking amazing. I love it, it’s just plain fun.


Operating System: Windows XP (32 bit version) with Administrator rightsProcessor: 1.7 GHz or faster processorRAM: 512 MB or more RAMCD-ROM: Supported 128 MB video card with the newest manufacturer driversHard Drive: 8x or faster CD/DVD driveVideo Card: 2.3 GB free hard disk space plus space for the Windows swap file and save data


Processor: 2.4 GHz or faster processor Supported Processors: Intel Pentium 4, Xeon, Extreme Edition, Celeron D AMD Athlon XP, Athlon 64, Athlon 64-FX, SempronRAM: 1 GB or more RAMVideo Card: Supported 256 MB video card with the newest manufacturer drivers Supported Video Cards: ATI Radeon X700 (PCIe), X600 (PCIe), X800 XT Platinum Edition, X800 PRO, X300 series. 9800 series, 9700 series, 9600 series, 9559 (RV350LX), 9500 series, 8500 series N

I recommend a 3 gmhz machine, with at least a gig of ram, a “very good” video card. 9600XT is the minimum I would recommend. a SATA drive with a rippin read speed would be nice… so would 800FSB, and the best sound you can get… cause it is amazing.

Graphics wise… I have 98% of the graphica and sound cranked on my machine, it makes playing the game incredible.

Sleepy - I dominated HL, and did very well in CS… and the FPS action in those games is much better than the FPS action in BF and BF2. You can dance, shoot, change weapons, get batterys… and so on in HL/CS… this is not the case in BF, BF is much more realistic. If you get shot 5 times in the chest with a machine gun, you will die. There isn’t as much face to face battles, its basically

find someone, shoot them first, if they don’t die, call for backup and throw a gernade, or hop into a vehicle.

Vehicles play a major role in this game. If you are in a tank, you are extremely deadly. If you don’t have any pilots on your team… consider yourself dead. If you can’t fly, don’t waste a chopper/jet by practicing in a full server, leave those to the people who can do the most damage in them.

SQUADS - There is squad play in this game that is incredible. The Squad Leader is a mobile spawn point, as long as he is alive, for only the members in his squad (up to 6 people). He can also send commands to the members of the squad : Attack here, defend, supplies are needed… and things like that. The better you can organize your squad, the more deadly your team becomes. Travel in a pack, heal eachother, recharge eachother, and so on. Also the more people at an enemy flag, or neutral flag, the faster you take that flag, and the easier it is to defend after its yours.

Commander - You can also be a commander, which I love to do. You can call an artillary strike to wipe out anything within a 200ft radius (great for taking ou fleets of enemy vehicles) or you can drop supplies for those needing ammo/health that are in a bind. or send out a UAV to spot enemies. you can scan the map with radar to spot them, then send their coordinates to your team so they are aware of enemies.

This game is so complete it could be used as a flight sim. The planes/choppers handle very well, though dumbed down from the BF/DC days… any amateur can pilot a chopper now… in BF/DC nobody but the most skilled pilots could get from A to B, and a select few could also do some damage with them.

There are 15+ vehicles I think starting from buggies and 5 person boats, to 8 person APCs and mobile Destroyers.

Even if you crank down the video, and play it on a crappy rig… it is worth playing i guess… but when you see a PC that can actually play it, you will def be upgrading.

I’m thinking of picking this game up if I get the new machine I’ve been pondering for a while. Looks awesome. I had a hell of a time flying the planes in BF1 and I know a lot of the guys from Warchild and Paradigm Shift, big name teams from BF1, that could help me get to the ownage phase of the game. Jack, how do you think a 2.3GHz would hold up with much less than jacked settings? Should I hold off on the purchase until i get a new machine?

Battlefield: Modern Combat for PS2 is the only one I’ve realy seen since we got to alfa-test it… and it was awesome :tup:

PC will pwn any console version of this game. I bought CS for the XBOX cause my comp was shitty at the time and I didnt have DSL… that alone made me buy a rockin comp.

2.3 should play it technically. Def have a gig of good RAM… if you don’t you could probably get some cheap

get the PB update from

Whats your guys’s tags and rank?

I used to be decent at BF maybe I’ll pick this up sometime soon. I havent touched a pc game in ages

Tuesday is the day ladies. We usually hop onto the Ventrilo server around 930 - 10 and start jammin.,

The ventrilo server is I am GhostSquid

do not use it for personal use, or I will kill you.

man, i wanna do this ish, but i dont have headphones and a microphone… or the game… or probably a computer that can handle it :lol:

well… I think cyberjocks has BF2, and if not they should get it. If they do, give my cellie a ring and I will give you the server info.


I kinda sucked last night. Took me forever to play cause I didn’t DL/Install the new patch, and that takes a little while. THen we couldn’t find a decent server with low ping for all of us. But I ended up killing a lot of people, and my death streak is 16

fuck i wanna play this

and i think somone took my phone at the slip and slide event :frowning:

was just playing…

i’m surgical with anti-tank rockets…
usually commanding too.