Playerunknown Battleground


Anyone play this on Steam? DLed it yesterday and playing in single player mode is hard as fuck unless you like bunkering down and not moving around a lot. Would be cool to play some duo abs group games. My Steam user name is LLink58 shoot me an add.


I just read some reviews on it. Apparently if you turn the graphics all the way down it’s easier to see people hiding in bushes or grass.

Also people are upset with the developer who said they weren’t going to have microtransactions but apparently do now.

It sounds like a cool game though. The videos won’t load on my steam app so I couldn’t watch a trailer.


i read some bad reviews also about the paid crap. Does not change much I don’t think but I didn’t play before hand. Check out people’s YouTube videos. Pretty neat. Yes foliage setting low and it’s easier to see people hiding. Only real advantage you can get.


So far I am liking the game but my system is not performing well. About to buy a GPU on cyber monday. Hoping my i3 6100 3.7 ghz is fast enough with a good GPU.


I play with an amd 8350, 16gb ddr3 and gtx 1060. I get a solid 50fps in city’s and 80 outside of. Not sure how your i3 compares. Also look up custom settings. I play with a mix of high med and low.


I play with everything on the lowest settings lol it sucks


This game IS just like BF2, lol.


Until I get my GPU in the mail I currently play this game with graphics all the way down lol, thats all my system can do at the moment.


What gpu are you currently using? Also if you don’t have 16gb of ram get it. Iv seen the system use 8gb while playing the game. I was using a R200 with like 2gb before upgrading to the 1060 and it was decent on low and med settings. Think your cpu is part of your problem. But I’m an amd guy bc I’m cheap :joy:


I have a MSI Radeon HD 6950 DirectX 11 R6950 Twin Frozr III PE/OC 2GB 256-Bit GDDR5

I just did a 3dmark11 bench mark, I’m going to overclock the card and see how it does lol. What was weird is the bench mark said my card only had 1gb of ram, but it should have 2gb.

I do have 16gb of ram for the system memory.


so with my GTX 1080 I can max out the game at 4k and get like 40fps, but I run it at 2k and get 60fps.

Overall I still suck even though the game plays better on my machine. I probably kill 1 person out of every 10 games.

This game is hard, or maybe its because i’m playing with full vegetation now.


The name of the game isn’t to necessarily kill everyone, the goal is to be the last person standing. If you can do so while killing people? Awesome! But you have to keep the long game in mind.

Tactics are huge, do you really want to take a shot at that guy from 200m? What if someone hears your shot and you give away your position AND do not kill that guy?

Things like that are what make this game awesome. I just went top 3 and only had 2 kills. Most of my chicken dinners are 1-3 kills. If I’m playing squad though, it’s game time. I usually average around 4-5 kills in a dinner round.


Oh yeah, I know. I really don’t aim to kill people, but the recent encounters I have had when its close quarters and we both know about each other, I tend to just die everytime now lol

The best I have done was made it to 4th once. I’ve made it to #10 . I usually last much longer but now that I replaced my GPU, its like I keep ending up with shitty guns and dying fast. I just added you by the way.

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I;m also playing with a headset now so I can hear better but I seem to suck more lately.


I’ll send you a discord invite!


Think I added both of you. Anyone going to play tonight?


I’ll be on in a bit here


So I finally played with a squad last night. Was super fun. If anyone wants to one of these days


Hoping to be out of work at a decent time and get to play tonight. If anyone hops on shoot me a text. 7164648110


this sounds fun, i may have to download this


It’s very fun!