PMs - Receipt

Can we default the “Request Read Receipt” to NO, or just have it not show up at all? If I want a read receipt I will check the box that says I do, I don’t want to be asked for every PM I send.

THere is nothing in the UserCP so I am thinking it’s either an administrator thing (Sleepy) or the actual site code needs to be edited in which case Pr0pel needs to make adjustments.

wrd that is getting to me

From what I know - it is either have that annoying crap go on - or not have read receipts at all…

lol… I vote no receipts


For those of you afraid to lose the receipts… its as simple as checking t osee if the user has come online since you sent the PM… you get a pop-up on the screen… and it also tells you on every screen - YOU HAVE A PRIVATE MESSAGE

If they came on… they got that ish yo!

What a useful mamal you have become…

i don’t understand why it’s so “annoying…”

just press space… one extra time…

I’m a busy man… i can’t waste my time on such nonsense… sits back in chairsips extra large sodaputs hand in pants … ahhh

actually its TAB Then SPACE…

space alone will make the recipient select yes/no to send you the receipt (another hassle)

tab space will select NO for “Req. Read Rec.”…

This will also be lighter duty on the serverl


Jack, you lazy asshole

stop PMming everyone to see if they will go out on a date with you then if you don’t want to see that read receipt thing pop up

Fine… I will make a thread to ask people out on dates…

STARTING WITH THIS ONE - Sleepy… would you mind if I broke in the back seat of your grocery cruiser with you? It’d be my honor.

See?!?!? That was 10x less work than sending a PM.

Now all I have to do it hit ALT+S and it sends that little invitation to the entire world.


this is just rediculous.

Has it made anyone else gouge out an eyeball yet?


you poor bastard.

I personally like it knowing if someone read my PM or not.

nope, just u jack haha

I have more posts than the 2 of you average… I’d hope you have more PMs than me…

ah fuck it.

I hate you guys.

I dont mind the extra 1-2 seconds it takes… I like knowing if my PM’s are read.

Agreed… I just wished they were responded to sometimes.