Podcasting review

Well i just jumped on the bandwagon and i like it.

what is a podcast?

well if you live on the moon i suspect you hav’nt heard about it… so… basically its a music file that you download to your pc (via client like itunes) or to your ipod.

you can then listen to them at your lesure.

there are all types of podcasts ranging from news to sports to stories and of course music.

my fav so far is the slashdot news review… It’s much better than reading slashdot because you can work and listen. so far my morning has gone much more smoother.

back to work…




where does one obtain podcasts

Its been cold on the moon latley…

What client do you get these off?

podcasting… doesnt that have something to do with that metro faggy ass ipod thing?

i hate all things ipod or mac related, they are so gay. and wtf is with the 1 mouse button?

its like downloading a news clip say for like 20 min. then you can listen to it. you can burn it to your ipod if you want then go on the train and actually listen to somethign productive. its a great idea

i use itunes for the client. there are more out there though… but itunes is > *


if you download i tunes, the latest version. there is an area to browse for them.

bahhh pay $$??

no free… a few are pay

I gotta find some good ones… kzu the only ones I’ve found are ghey.