PRI Show compilation video from Orlando
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Took longer than I expected, alot of editing to do. Enjoy…

:tup: i love that new zex plate kit

Believe it or not I have been selling alot of the retrofit kits to hardcore domestic people, lots like ZEX is losing the import name and getting some respect from V8 people


Man, that looks like a good time. Lots of nice 05 stangs in there :tup: So this is only for businesses or how does it work? If i wanted to go what would it take to get in? Or is it open to everyone?

Businesses only…

After last year, I knew I had to bring back atleast a bit of what it was like to be there, I cant wait for next years already. Its nice to have a question or concern and actually get to check out the part and talk to the engineer or salesperson that is directly involved with it.

And the bit at the end with the girls was after the show ended actually. The place isnt like sema, with a bunch of rims, rice, stereos and dumb blondes…but those blondes can be arranged anyway when someone needs to make a compilation vid :wink:

that must have sucked…no honda shit :bloated:

nice vid :tup:

Plenty of import stuff there, Bad AZz just has tunnel vision when he sees an LS* engine and blondes :slight_smile:

Yep, I can get right to the point. But I gave the other guys plenty of camera time…
both ford and mopar were well represented :wink:



sooooo many toys, so little time. that challenger rocks, so hawt.

:tup: hawtness


Wish I was there…:tup: :beer2: