Pricing for..

I am seeking pricing for the production and shipment of the following:

I am a Genius
in and Idiots Shell.

T U R D.

                 Bad A.S.S. Boys 
              Drive Bad A.S.S. Toys.

umm what lol

i am guessing he looking for decals…or somebody from a.s.s. is playing a prank on daryls account.

oh no…its me… looking for information…

you like the 1st one huh john? lol


i do like that , id put one on my car lol

might want to change the AND to AN

Nah, leave it


Good catch!



Does this sponsor really sell stickers?


I want one of these in a sticker!


Sorry! Not on here enough I suppose. Shoot us an email at and one of our guys will get back to you with pricing. It all depends on how many you want, what colors, what size, etc. You need to provide that info.