Project progress pics

Some pics of the new setup good for 190whp


hottest collector ever

the man, the legend, my new lover


hurry up and get it on the road and racin already. :smiley:

is that a smile i see.

I don’t see VTEC on that vavle cover! Are you hiding something? :stuck_out_tongue:

im confused. Is that a BOV i see with no turbo?

counting chickens before they hatched i see. :lol:

guess they were all out of these

Lee @ Hybrid has done a PHENOMINAL JOB at welding and designing Juan’s exhaust manifold. I could not be any more impressed with his ability!!

Look again;

I saw it there i just like posting pics of the sunamiturbo :slight_smile:

pimp :tspry:

Nice :tup:

Nice, good to hear its coming together

I’ll be excited to find how the tubular manifold holds up / performs… make sure to keep us updated. :tup:

looks good!


you meen this snail?