PRP tonight???

anybody going up to PRP tonight, i’ll be up there just spectating and taping my buddies run in a turbo civic

of course… that is if it doesn’t rain

coz now that i check it seems like its gonna hit right about the time everyone will be running :doh:

I’ll be there watching my wife race her SRT-4.

i might be there weather depending. I’ll be there watchin my buddy in his formula

The bastards cancelled it at 3:30 when it had rained for a few minutes. It’s nice out right now and it looks like the rain is going to miss but they already cancelled. How gay…

i drove all the way out there to find out it was closed.

the reason why they cancelled it was cause the track would not have been ready in time to race on and instead of rushing and doin a half ass job they cancel it

Me too.

oh well, i’ll be there next week