PS2 online anyone?

Anyone play any PS2 games online?

I have nothing better to do with my spare time so Star Wars Battlefront owns me…but the occasional SOCOM, Twisted Metal Black and GoldenEye are ok too. So anyone ever on?

i ususally get some SOCOM2 in once a week.
Used to have a big clan, but now its just like 4 of us left.

i did play socom/socom2 a lot until I recently got xbox + halo2, so I probably won’t be on those anymore really…

xbox live 4L

sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, heres the thing. I live for SOCOMII.

You will find me at a CrossRoads 99% of the time, with the occasional glitching.

My name on there is Habibulan, so add me whenever you are on because I just leave socom on. My clan tag is [JDM].

So yeah, Im a loser

madden/mvp/tiger woods 4 l

My clan name is Fresh Baked (no its not a stoner thing, see below)

Clan tag is [PiE] and all our names are types of pie


and I love tiger woods, but have never played it online

Nascar 2k4
and pool

well I’m b*tch, on every game that I have online, if ya ever see me on SOCOM or anything.

i use to play socom2 online all the time, now i’m usually too busy but i’ll go on every once in a while
my name on it is the same as here, intense98r/t