put your 2 cent's worth here!!!!!!!

would any of yen buy some thing like this?

i would pay less than retail because they look :greddy:

If the color would stay on while I used them eh… Probably.

yup,if they all were purple

it would make finding the damn 13 easier if you knew it was blue… It looks like those ones were colored with a sharpie marker though.

if every wrench in the set was the same color, it would be decent. craftsman tools r sweet, but rainbow= :greddy:

i agree it would make finding a specific size alot easier especially when all your tools are thrown in a tool cabinet with no specific order.

I’d buy it if they were all one color. A lot of my friends have the same Craftsman mechanic tool kit I have, so it would make it easier to keep tools sorted.

is that powdercoated?

looks more like its anodized

not it is powder coated and they colors can all be the same … powder coating is hard and durable … them colors are for demo…

how much to do a set and some sockets? Just curious.

would doing a 276 piece toolkit (wrenches, sockets, etc…) cost a ton of money?

also - does powdercoating add thickness? I noticed the part of the wrench that fits the nut is coated. Does that make sizes like 12.9mm instead of 13? or would that need sanded/taped off?

it is only 1-3 mil of coating

does powder coating stand up to heat??
say could you powder coat a set of headers???

yeah…and it looks awesome


obviously, these aren’t used yet, but the color does stay on.

well if thats true custom i gots a boat load of pipes for you to powedercoat. soon as i find my shortie header i need!
did you get those stickers made up yet?

high temp powder dose but it is only good til 1200f ceramic is better for headers std powder is good to 600F then it start’s to look like shit

that shit will burn off over time … it is a candy over ceramic…

the guy brought me 1 decal and i paid for 3 dozen the one i got is 4" x36" that is not even what i wanted …whitey said something a while a go about how did his it i can figure out who he said it was i will contact him …

i will do one set and put them on someones car that is pumping 600+ hp and that shit will be black