question for cell phone guru's

my boss is wanting to get a sanyo scp7050 cell phone from ebay, but is id is for sprint in the us , is it possible to unlock the phone so it can be used with rogers network ? and if so who here can do it and how much ?

thanks in advance


it all depends on if its unlocked when your buying it or not! there are places that can unlock phones, but usually they’re sketchy. Also the SSN number on the phone(number on the back under battery) won’t be for rogers. as soon as you call into a cust rep they will know and not be able to set up the phone.
I work for At&t as a cust rep and it tells me imdetatly after getting the SSN that the phone belongs to another carrier.

BUT if you want to bring an american phone into canada and giver a try i would suggest using a At&t phone on a rogers network. (at&t helped rogers set up there GSM network and both use SIM cards.) i’m not garenteeing it will work.
but the closet carrier to rogers is At&t.

If it has GSM sim you could, to my knowledge sprint doesn’t use any sim cards yet so your out of luck.

Unless you download that sketchy ssn unlock from one of those $20 sites. And then you’ll probably find out its been reported stolen or whatever be the case. And long story short it won’t work over rogers network.

I have done this a few times, just buy it already unlocked on a tri or quad band gsm network and it will work fine.

I dont think Sprint is a GSM network, so no.

quick google for model #:

CDMA phone, will not work with rogers.

Yeah bottom line, gsm yay, cdma nay. And I’m pretty sure any Rogers store will unlock a phone for 50 bucks. I know the one in hamilton does

^^^^ legally official rogers store could get in deep shit if the Dm finds ouyt, but beside the point i believe Bell sells these here but ya CDMA fail

Yeah contractor (i.e Rogers) unlocking fee legally is retail of phone (regardless if you purchased phone already for retail). i unlocked my old storm for $599 from telus directly.

Could you later use the storm with a GSM sim card (after unlocking)? I’ve been wondering this for a while…


Yes, Same process as using GSM “cards” on older iphones without sim tray. It uses a virtual sim so you can’t save anything other then on phone.