Quick video to test the new cam

Just threw this together to test out my HD cam.

Shit is full blown 1080P, if your computer sucks it will be nice and choppy!

Canon Vixia HF S200, Cinema 24p mode, 1080p

oh, yeah, no, definitely no overspray there.

They cleaned off the overspray after


good thing I am painting the gas door cover for the over fender to cover up that turkey penis.

sick ass cam man. do you have a mount for it in the car yet? If now, I can make you a slick ass one. maybe even make one with a uber heavy duty magnetic base and you can stick it to the roof for drift events.

that’s not his car

That’s Sam’s car, the hatch.

I have a good mount, but I’ll probably make a bunch of different ones.

u beat me to it.


Drifting isn’t about how pretty your car is in the garage or your big number dyno sheet. It’s about being awesome.

Ohh yeah. lol after i watched it again, i noticed the greenish lookin hatch. :ahh

why do you drift again?


:lol I like to beat the shit out of cars, than spend $XXXX fixing them the next year

Full 1080p now

:lol at wallace cupping the balls

best idea ever!

so this is the cam we are gonna use to shoot my gangsta rap vide0s ?

^ Sure, I’m also shooting pornos and other various events.