R1 owns all

…or not?

holy freakin’ top end…

OWNED!!! by the jet///

IMO if the run way was longer maybe just maybe the porche woulda caught up to the jet possibly lol

wow im surprised it took the jet so long to get past the bike, the jet obviously needs a new tune :wink:

bah, they did a viper vs jet awhile back and viper was winning for a while and then WHoooooooooooooosh the jet won :slight_smile:

cool though :tup:

thats pretty crazy.

thats 1 nasty 3-way

really old vid.

I thought it was a ninja though…

the bike ran out of gas

Nice, but R1s dont own all…

lmao that jet was just fucking with them then hes liek “fuck this shit im out”

Tornado owned all :tup:

wonder how that 701rwhp haybusa would do :0