Raced 2 eclipses...

raced my friends white '99 gst… his is stock besides… intake…diverter valve we did a 30 to about 75ish… sorta bad track to race on:snky: but it was late… i pulled him about 2 cars till we shut down… another race was aginst another friend w/ a red eclipse… non turbo… he has basic …I/E/ chip and so on… i walked him from about 20 to 110 id say 7-8 cars when we hit 110… agian all races were done on a track… and late at night…

BTW my car is a 1.8 jetta w/ simple things… chip/diverter/airbox mod…/fmic. other then that shes stock.
P.S this is my 1st post… i like this fourm!

heh that was a better first post than most, good kills :shoot:

welcome to the forum :wave:

and if you like to beat on DSMs i know a few that would love to ply anytime :tspry:

nice :slight_smile: Welcome

Sup dude! Nice kills.


im sure u can find sum dsms that would wreck me as my car is not fast!

Me too. :shoot:

In for race when get my car running again.

Skrapper, I’m on my way up for those parts!!



So I should expect you in like two hours?? :lol:

he he. What does that mean? Are you implying something? Sorry to BOV in you ear like that on Sher. that night. Your car moves for stock boost. :tup:

There’s nothing stock about my car :snky:


Oh I knew that (single turblow), but you told me you were running stock boost (or somwhere near)

Yeah, but the same PSI does a lot more these days :slight_smile:


anyone up for cruising tonight? i know a bunch of turblow mr2s are gonna be out and about… and someone has night vision digi cam ~

im down if im cool enough…

Skrapper has no game, his shit is sheep in wolves clothing… Muahahah!!

nice kill man

pinga :wave:

hey tyler what’s up, it’s steve,
p.s nice kill

where all u guys live cause i wanna go for a cruize and ill make your first loss to a dsm if we can race lol i live near buffalo if anyone is around here

Hey asshat, this post is from 2005.