Racing Seats


Does anyone know of any place local that sells racing seats/has them in stock? Finding people local with certain seats for the Miata seems to be impossible.


What seats are you looking for that you can’t find? I’m not sure if anyone local stocks seats, at least not that I can think of off the top of my head.


Sparco R100 or Bride Low Max, Miata fitment is limited unless I went with Lotus Elise seats again, but that can get really pricey…


I think they are selling them online on Carid and Andy’s Autosport.


Right, I’m not having any issue with buying them but I want to physically sit in them first.


Your best chance for a test sitting in a Miata racing seat is go to the “The Fun One” at Watkins Glen hosted by FLR.

There’s 32 Spec Miatas, 10 Spec Miata 2, plus a bunch more Miatas running in ITA, ITS and STL. 50 ish total? I’m too lazy to count.

Regional races are usually really cheap or free to spectate: