Rally NY 2012 - April 21

Went down on Saturday to Rally NY with a bro of mine. Had an awesome time met a lot of of drivers, co-drivers, fans and photographers. Saw some great racing, a few good offs and even got to help push a Subaru out of a ditch! Tried to get a few good shots but was really trying to watch as much as I could with my own two eyes.

If you were into rally back when it was on ESPN2 in the late 90’s you might remember the following car as Carl’s Escort. To see this car in real life and in competition was a real joy for me. For those who don’t know, this Escort is truly one of a kind and as I understand it now was a real beacon of car preparation in stage rallying at the time it was built. The late Carl Merrill died at the wheel of the car in 1998 from a sudden heart attack. The car has been campaigned multiple times since including a winning run by 1984 WRC champion “the” Stig Blomqvist.




Out of the rest of the car’s my favorite’s were definitely the Saab 96, red escort and the 000 car which was a sick rs2000 escort. Here’s those car’s as well as a few of the rest. Full 70 photo gallery is HERE














Hope you liked some, theres a few different cars and angles in the flickr gallery above. Can’t wait to go back in June for the rally sprints!

great shots!

Here is more


The red Escort and that black TDI are fucking badass. Sweet pictures.


That looks awesome. I want to play!

Was that exhaust or a snorkel coming out of the Fiat’ hood. It looked like PVC at first but then realized its header wrapped.

Pictures came out great.

Have any more?

Thanks guys was a really good time, would highly recommend checking one out to any car enthusiast. You don’t have to be a rally nut to have a good time at one of these. Badass for sure, a lot of the drivers said they were flat out in 6th for long stretches hitting 130-140 a few times and 120 on the regular!

A bit hidden in the first post, my bad FULL 70 PHOTO SET HERE

It’s a Saab, and that’s the exhaust! Guy was president of a vintage saab club and built the thing as a tribute to Eric Carlsson (:dunno)

Here’s the powerplant, a ~850cc two stroke, he went on for a bit about all the hop ups, dude like doubled the HP to a whopping 60 something if I remember correct :rofl

The event really was outstanding, I’ll be heading back for the one day gravel sprints in June for sure.

Great post man!

is that a slant 3? LOL

awesome pics though