Reacquired Vehicle Programs

Dealer people,

I understand the reasons for the RAV programs. What information shows on an NY title?

Or is it just a carfax note?

A 2016 car is 10k lower than comps with no mileage on it.

It is a fairly expensive car, and I know some people realize they are in over their head and scream lemon to get out.

Looking for some assistance before I open the wallet.

Yes it’s a branded title.

It’s going to be $10,000 less coming and going. Don’t forget that. Most (if not all) banks will not finance a branded title. Makes it very hard to find a buyer, plus the whole “branded title” thing.

Personally, I wouldn’t do it, but that’s just me. I’m a firm believer (professionally and personally) in spending the money and buying the right car.

I wouldn’t assume that someone forced a buyback because they were in over their head. If it’s a legit buyback, through legal channels and the state, it’s 99/100 times legit. Manufacturers generally offer trade assistance or financial assistance before allowing a leman law claim to start.

Depending on the car, it could be the difference between selling the car in a couple days at the right price or selling the car in a couple years and losing your ass. Knowing how you flip in and out of cars, you won’t have it long.

I had assumed so.

I just wanted to confirm the title aspect.

I dont do bad titles.


I’m surprised you can’t make some title modifications with your login / password at the DMV.

so many cars, DMV thought it was mail fraud

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